2016 Stay Smart Online Week commences on Monday, with the annual cyber safety awareness drive taking place from October 10-14.

6 October 2016

Stay smart Online week starts on Monday

This year's theme is cyber safety from the lounge room to the board room, focusing on how an individual's online behaviour in their personal life can impact their workplace, and how there is a need for organisations to engage with their employees on online security awareness.

Several resources are available to our valued partners, including:

  • five videos
  • the Stay Smart Online Week logo in all variations
  • ten Facebook and Twitter graphics
  • suggested wording for social media posts
  • printed materials (bookmarks, Stay Smart Online poster, iParent flyer and promotional flyers for the Stay Smart Online guides).

We encourage all partners to use these materials, which can be accessed on the Resources page, to promote Stay Smart Online Week to their audiences.

Want to become a partner and get involved? It's not too late! Check out our Partners page for more information.

There are lots of exciting events planned for next week, from 'Z' talks by cyber security and fraud professionals, to live foyer events, education seminars and much more.

There's also plenty of time to organise an event for Stay Smart Online Week. If you would like assistance, email StaySmartOnline [at] ag.gov.au

For more information on the latest online threats, make sure you sign up for the free Alert Service.

Alerts are also delivered to followers of the Stay Smart Online Facebook page.

We look forward to continuing the countdown to Stay Smart Online Week and working with everyone to improve the awareness of cyber safety across Australia.