Stay Smart Online partners across industry, government and the community are key to promoting Stay Smart Online messages to their own audiences.

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1. Become a partner

Becoming a partner demonstrates your organisation's seriousness about online security. Partners work with us to promote Stay Smart Online messages and the annual Stay Smart Online Week. There are no financial obligations or legal contracts involved – all that is needed is your organisation's commitment to help spread the message about online security. Your name and logos can be added to the growing list of organisations partnering with Government to help people stay smart online.

To register, email staysmartonline [at] (subject: Register%20me%20as%20a%20Stay%20Smart%20Online%20Partner%20, body: Please%20register%20me%20as%20a%20Stay%20Smart%20Online%20Partner%20%0AOrganisation%20name%3A%20%0AContact%20name%3A%20%0APhone%20number%3A%20%0AEmail%20address%3A%20%0AHow%20my%20organisation%20will%20be%20promoting%20Stay%20Smart%20Online%20(website%3F%20Social%20media%3F%20Blogs%20or%20other%20content)%3A%20%0AHow%20will%20I%20be%20incorporating%20online%20safety%20and%20security%20into%20my%20organisation's%20policies%20and%20practices%3F%20(risk%20registers%2C%20business%20plans%2C%20lunchroom%20posters%2C%20intranet%2C%20blogs%20etc)%3A%0AComments%2Fsuggestions%3A%20%0ALogo%20attached%3A%20Yes%20or%20No%20%0A) (Stay Smart Online) your contact details along with an outline of how you intend to promote online safety and security in your organisation or community. For example you may place the Stay Smart Online logo and links on your website, and use social media channels and blogs to disseminate Stay Smart Online messages. Your registration should also include examples of how you could use messaging throughout your organisation's business operations, for example, risk registers or business plans to extend Stay Smart Online messaging.

We also welcome case studies and blogs from partners. These can be hosted on our website, and we are always happy to discuss your ideas for promoting online safety and security.

Attach a jpeg image of your logo to your email if you would like it included on our partner page (no smaller than 125 pixels wide).

2. Share research and information

Stay Smart Online encourages the community to share research outcomes and information relating to online safety and security via the Stay Smart Online Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels. Please always use #StaySmartOnline when sharing such content.

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