Each year, through Stay Smart Online Week, the Australian Government works in collaboration with other agencies, industry, small business operators and community groups to raise awareness about the ways people can protect themselves online.

In its first year in 2008, Stay Smart Online Week started with around 50 partners. Each year, more and more organisations have joined together to promote the week to their staff, customers and other constituents through events, media opportunities, and online and hard copy distribution of materials.

In 2015, our partners grew to over 1,700 around Australia, and we have also started information sharing across nations, including with our neighbours in New Zealand, the UK and USA.

The Stay Smart Online programme demonstrates that the partnership approach between business and government is an effective way to boost Australia's cyber resilience.

By encouraging business to share their experience and best practices, it empowers other organisations to learn to better protect their customer information. By partnering with the Australian Government, it increases trust and integrity.

2016 Stay Smart Online Week

This year's Stay Smart Online Week is being held from 10-14 October, to coincide with Cyber Security Awareness Month in the United States. We encourage our partners hold a variety of online and face to face events to share the message of online safety to their own communities.

The theme for this year is 'Cyber safety from the lounge room to the board room'. There is a focus on how individuals' online behaviours in their personal life can impact their workplace and how there is a need for organisations to engage with their employees on online security awareness.

We will be launching an updated Stay Smart Online Small Business Guide this year, as well as two new guides – an implementation guide and a guide for individuals. These were developed in partnership with Telstra, Australia Post, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and National Australia Bank.

Stay Smart Online partners are an invaluable asset in helping to spread key online safety and security messages throughout the community.

Becoming a partner

Becoming a Stay Smart Online partner demonstrates your organisation's seriousness about online security. Partners work with us to promote Stay Smart Online messages and the annual Stay Smart Online Week.

There are no financial obligations or legal contracts involved — all that is needed is your organisation's commitment to help spread the message about online security. Your name and company logo will be added to the growing list of organisations that have partnered with the Australian Government to help people stay smart online.

Want to be involved? Become a partner – check out our partner page for more information.

Please feel free to use and distribute the tips and information provided on the Stay Smart Online website, and encourage your communities to subscribe to the Australian Government's free Stay Smart Online Alert Service. The Alert Service provides reliable, accurate information about security threats, recent data breaches, scams and other risks and offers advice on how to avoid or recover from a security event.

Stay Smart Online encourages the community to share research outcomes and information relating to online safety and security through the Stay Smart Online Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels. We use #StaySmartOnline, #AlertService and #SSOW16 when sharing such content and encourage you to do the same.