While the internet offers an exciting world of experiences for kids and teens, it's important to be mindful that they could:

Many companies check to see if job applicants have online profiles. Be aware that the photos and information you share with your friends may not be what you want a prospective employer to see. 

Resources for kids and teens

There are lots of online resources to help kids and teens understand how to stay safe online.

  • Budd:e Primary—Budd:e for primary schools offers fun and engaging games and activities to build unique robots, while introducing basic practices that will equip children to stay safe and secure online. Topics include privacy, password creation, protecting personal details, virus scanning, secure websites and scams.
  • Budd:e Secondary—Budd:e for secondary schools explores advanced online safety and security topics, including: creating content, file sharing, pop-ups, privacy, sharing, scams, spam, spyware, malware, phishing, online transactions and computer viruses. Students can earn points answering questions to 'buy' parts and accessories to build a unique cyborg that can be used as an avatar on social networking sites.
  • Chilren's eSafety Commissioner—information and education to empower children to be safe online
  • Hector's World—a fun resource for younger children to learn about internet safety
  • ThinkUKnow—internet safety program.

Resources for teachers

The Budd:e Education Package is a series of media-rich and interactive learning activities for Australian school students.

Budd:e was developed as a key component of the Australian Government's Stay Smart Online initiative, aimed at creating a safer, more secure online environment for all Australians. Budd:e is consistent with the Ministerial Council on Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs' (MCEETYA) Statements of Learning for Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The package includes two modules to help primary and secondary students adopt safe and secure online practices, and includes comprehensive teaching resources explaining how the content relates to stages of learning. Each module includes a glossary and useful background information for teachers and parents.

Budd:e is a fun and engaging learning experience where kids play games for points that can be used to build their own personalised robot or cyborg. The game simultaneously teaches kids important online safety and security behaviours.

Budd:e resources for Primary school teachers.

Budd:e resources for Secondary school teachers.

Where to get help

Online safety information targeted to young people

Report abuse or suspicious activity

Report offensive, illegal or prohibited content to the Children's eSafety Commissioner 

Additional support

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